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6 Innovative Ways to Market Your eBook!

Marketing has always been a challenge for everyone. Being able to capture people’s attention in a world like today requires a lot of effort and skill. Indie writers know this well and struggle to market their eBooks every day, trying the same strategies over and over again in hopes that they will do their business some good. In this effort to deliver so, people often forget the few more obvious methods, and are not able to infuse innovation with marketing either. Well, do not fret! We are here with some of the best tips for you to help you market your eBook in the online market more effectively. Now you can sell eBooks online at better rates than you never have before!


Prior editing and proof-reading. This one is pretty obvious but also something that is often forgotten. Before publishing your work, you MUST edit and proofread your book thoroughly. Books with typos or any grammatical errors make your work seem sloppy and can easily put off a reader. The resultant negative reviews such an error would then generate could be detrimental to your business.
The power of visuals. Marketing for books need not only be done through written and spoken word. Do not hesitate to upload videos and book trailers that can market your book. People are more easily captured by visual representation of things than words so this could perhaps be the perfect way for writers to put their work in the spotlight. Make sure, however, to well market such trailers as well. Better still, use an eCommerce platform to sell your books where you are well given the option to upload such videos and better market your product.
Discounts get you more sales. Some websites allow you to add promotion on your books to attract more customers. Amazon allows you to add a ‘Kindle Countdown Deals’ promotion. If you list your book for a limited-time discount promotion you can encourage people to purchase the book before time for the discount runs out. This would mean you would have a larger number of sales in a shorter amount of time. The reason this works is because people prefer buying things on discount, regardless of what the initial price is, and are more willing to make a purchase to take advantage of the situation.

More than knowing how to sell your books online, here we will show you some of the platforms where you can not only sell your books but any type of product such as: electronics, furniture, and selling clothing among many more, the most important thing is to keep in mind that it is a good opportunity to enter the digital market.

Feedback is good for your product. Make a platform that can allow people to review and critique your book. This is a tool that would enable you to not only get feedback for you future work but good reviews would also encourage more readers to buy your work. Besides, putting up a customer review section shows you are confident about your wok and open to criticism. Encourage you readers to leave customer reviews and share their thoughts.  The good thing about this strategy is that people are more likely to leave a review if they feel positively about the product. This means you are almost guaranteed more positive than negative reviews, making your work look like a success.

The more options, the better. A lot of modern-day writers prefer selling their work in the form of eBooks because of how hassle-free the process is. However, a lot of the reading population has not yet moved onto reading from screens and prefer to have a hardcopy to use. Don’t deprive your buyers of options. If you are offering your work as an eBook, offer a hardcopy version of it too! Just having the option means you can get more potential buyers to visit your product page.



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